©2017 by Haikun (Quincy) Huang.

Ph.D. student in Computer Science of UMass Boston


I started my Ph.D. program of Computer Science at UMass Boston since 2016. I am currently working at the GV Lab with my advisor Prof. Craig Yu


I received my Bachelor degree in Computer Science from UMass Boston, Bachelor degree in E-Comms from SCUT and Bachelor degree in Game Design from GZU. I had worked in a game company for few years and I am also a columnist for Manew and Taikr (both are the game development community in China, my ref id is 啦啦酱). 


Research Interests: Computational DesignGraphics, Vision, VR/AR/MR, Cognitive Science.


Email: haikun.huang001@umb.edu

Lab: S-1-067, Science Building