Haikun (Quincy) Huang

is a Ph.D. student in Computer Science

at the University of Massachusetts at Boston.

is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow

at George Mason University,

His research interests include AR/VR/MR, computational design, graphics, HCI, and vision, particularly on the applications of artificial intelligence techniques for creating novel 3D content creation tools and virtual experiences. His research has been published in IEEE VR and ACM CHI; and was recognized with a Best Paper Honorable Mention Award at CHI 2019. He frequently serves as a reviewer for IEEE VR and CHI. He also has years of experience working in the game industry and serving as a columnist for popular game development forums in China such as Manew and Taikr.


haikun [.] huang001 [@] umb [.] edu

机器学习告诉你 知识贮备很重要

马科夫链告诉你 临时抱佛脚也行



Recent Activities

I will join Prof. Craig Yu's lab(DCXR) at George Mason University as Postdoctoral Research Fellow.

I will join Prof. Craig Yu’s lab (Graph Vision) in 2016 Fall.

I will be a TA of CS 341(Prof. Ronald Cheung) at UMB in 2017 Fall.

I will be a TA of CS 240(Prof. Duc Tran & Prof. Ming Ouyang) at UMB in 2018 Fall.

I will be a TA of CS 240(Prof. Duc Tran) at UMB in 2019 Spring.

I will join Prof. Marc Pomplun’s lab in 2019 Spring.

I will be a TA of CS675(Prof. Marc Pomplun) at UMB in 2019 Fall.

I will be a TA of CS461(Prof. Funda Durupinar) at UMB in 2020 Spring.

I will be a TA of CS461(Prof. Funda Durupinar) at UMB in 2020 Spring.

Honors & Awards

Best Paper Honorable Mention Award, CHI 2019

Year's Graduate Program Award, 2020


Reviewer, ISMAR 2020 Papers/Poster

Co-Organizer,1st Workshop on 3D Content Creation for Simulated Training in Extended Reality (TrainingXR), IEEE VR 2020

Reviewer, CASA 2019

Reviewer, JOVE 2020

Reviewer, IEEE Game CHI 2020

Technical Program Committees, ACHI 2020

Reviewer, IEEE VR 2020 Conference Papers

Reviewer, CHI 2020 Papers

Reviewer, ERGON 2020

In the Press

"Do VR Games Wear You Out? New Plug-In Helps Developers Personalize Exercise Intensity", IEEE Xplore Innovation Spotlight Headline, 2018

マサチューセッツ・ボストン大学、360°パノラマ画像の各オブジェクト位置(深度推定)に適した音源を割り当てる空間オーディオ・アルゴリズムを発表", Seamless - Virtual Reality News, Feb 3, 2019


Human Vision-Empowered 3D Scene Analysis Tools

Haikun Huang, Lap-Fai Yu

US patent application no. 16/598, 718